Милисса (daria) wrote,

Зацепила в последнее время песенка...

Filo & Peri feat. Kathleen Fisher 
Ordinary Moment

All I want is an ordinary moment 
Here with you - no distractions.

Tell the world that you’re busy doing nothing
Cancel everything - let it go.

Meet me here, in the kitchen, at the table
I just want to be alone with you...

Stare into the eyes I’ve been missing
Don’t say anything - you don’t need to.


When we're working so much with forgetting to touch
What have we become?
Did you know that it's a crime to never find the time to love?

We’ve been working TOO much
And forgetting to touch -
- Is what we’re guilty of...

But you know the greatest crime
is that we never find the time to love

...to love...

Tags: lyrics, музыка

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