November 15th, 2007

норма, я

по настроению...

Some things just are the way they are 

Авторы: Andre Tanneberger, Jeppe Riddervold, Madestam
Исполняет: Jeppe Riddervold

There is no contemplating
It’s all negotiating
It makes no sense what we’ve become
There are no words to explain
It’s all just bugs and aeroplanes
We stretch but we can’t even talk.

They talk about our present
The past and almost everything
Before they never even tried
But I can’t find the answers
To all the questions inside
Some things just are the way they are.

But tonight it’s all
An ever lasting out of here
The kind that makes my story disappear
Tonight it’s everything I’ll ever need to know.
So I'm searching for the right way to go...

I’ve tried to see it your way
I’ve made up stupid stuff to say
But you never really did reply
There are tons of bricks between us
But we still have to meet up
And be the people that we are.

Спокойная, легкая, приятная песня... 

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